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COVENANT LOVE - God is a God of love who commits himself to love us and to do good to us through his covenant promises.

GREAT COMMISSION - Out of His great love, Jesus has commanded us to go with His heart of love and with His truth to make disciples.

MAN CREATED IN GOD’S IMAGE AND REDEEMED BY HIM - God has given dignity and value to men and women by making them in His own image and by redeeming them through the cross at the cost of His Son’s life.

CREATOR AND CREATION - God is the Creator of the universe and His creation reflects His nature.

SOVEREIGNTY OF GOD - Through Jesus His Son as King, God is totally in control of His creation and the events of history and has planned everything according to His good and wise purposes.
FATHERHOOD AND FAMILY - God is a Father who desires and plans to fill the earth with a family reflecting His won nature and glory.
GOVERNING – RULING - Man is made in God’s image to govern and rule His creation for Him using Godly principles. God’s rule through others is to be honored.

UNITY AND DIVERSITY - There is unity and diversity throughout God’s creation; as people, we are called to unity but can appreciate and learn from each other’s differences.

STEWARDSHIP AND SERVANT-HOOD - God has made us in His own image to serve Him and one another by stewarding and developing the earth and its resources for His glory and for the good of our fellow man, just as Christ Himself did.

ORDER - God establishes a creation that is purposeful and reveals order. He proceeds in orderly ways to achieve His purpose though at times He intervenes miraculously to bring about His purposes.

RIGHTEOUSNESS - In God’s Kingdom everything is rightly related to Him and to every other part; as a consequence we are enabled to walk rightly before God, thus reflecting God’s holiness.

JUSTICE - God is a wise judge who makes just decisions; He is impartial and equitable and calls us to be the same.

PROVISION AND RESOURCES - One of God’s names is Jehovah-Jireh: God provides resources for all that He has made and for all that He purposes to do.
ETERNITY – INFINITY - God is infinite and eternal, and many aspects of His creation reflect this; through Christ, we can share in the gift of eternal life.

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COMMUNICATION - God is a communicating God who reveals Himself through Scripture and prophecy; He desires that a good relationship be formed through honest and accurate communication.

WISDOM - Scripture encourages us to value and pursue wisdom which is only found in God; God’s wisdom is reflected in all that He is and does.

WONDER – WORSHIP - Many aspects of God’s creation cause us to wonder at His greatness and to worship Him in response.

INTERDEPENDENCE - Throughout God’s creation there is a principle of interdependence which means that each part relates to, and has need of, the others.

PLACEMENT - God has ordained areas and boundaries for the right settlement of all peoples.
GROWTH – MATURITY – FRUITFULNESS - Everything which has life is created that it might grow to maturity and increasing fruitfulness.
FORGIVENESS – RECONCILIATION - Having been reconciled with Christ we are called upon to exercise forgiveness and to live in harmony with one another.