In recognition of 30 years of Christian education (1978 – 2007), allow me to share my list of thirty benefits of an education at Thika Road Christian School.

  1. A ministry of Thika Road Baptist Church, our spiritual, material, and leadership strength.
  2. Born-again Christian teachers.
  3. Christian teaching experience of 370 years within TRCS.
  4. Respect and obedience to God first.
  5. A daily prayer for the students.
  6. Vision for providing quality education.
  7. Textbooks by Christian publishers.
  8. Academics integrated with the Bible.
  9. Bible memory verses, Psalm 119:11.
  10. Guidance and training for life, Proverbs 22:6.
  11. Classroom discipline with consequences for wrong actions.
  12. Respect for authority precedes respect for God.
  13. Well-rounded school program.
  14. The balance between academics and activities.
  15. Reasonable timetable with good performance.
  16. Supplementing, not substituting, parents’ responsibility.
  17. Weekends and school holidays for family use.
  18. Beautiful 15-acre compound with ample space.
  19. Expanding facilities and equipment.
  20. Well-managed budget without harambees.
  21. Nourishing hot lunch program.
  22. Well-maintained vehicles, experienced and safe drivers.
  23. One fee is inclusive of textbooks, supplies, swimming, French, and computer education.
  24. Inter-school activities up to the national level including academics, sports, and the Music Festival.
  25. An annual yearbook that records individual achievement, school traditions, and our spiritual heritage in photos and print.
  26. Community awareness and outreach through termly educational trips and contributions.
  27. On-going parent training through professional speakers, News and Views articles, and teacher-parent interaction.
  28. Since 1992, 565 graduates have all proceeded to high school.
  29. The good character of the majority of graduates recognized by positions of responsibility in many high schools.
  30. A school called by Christ’s name, to the glory of God.

* From the Headmistress

  1. Bible/ C.R.E
  2. English
  3. Kiswahili
  4. Mathematics
  5. French
  6. Computer
  7. Social Studies
  8. Science
  9. Art
  10. Music
  11. Health
  12. P.E.
  13. Life skills
Letter Percentage Meanings Symbols
A 90-100 Outstanding, Excellent + Above average
B 80-89 Good Satisfactory
C 70-79 Fair Weak, Poor
D 60-69 Weak, Minimum
F 0-59 Weak, Minimum Fails to meet minimum achievement

Thika Road Christian School follows the syllabus detailed by the Ministry of Education. Textbooks have been carefully selected to provide a comprehensive treatment in each area of learning in proper sequence. Since we believe that “The fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge,” Bible is taught each day. In addition, Bible truths are integrated with all learning objectives. Our objective is to meet the spiritual and moral needs of our students as well as preparing them academically.

Weekly swimming instruction is provided for all pupils in Standards 1 - 6. The children are taken to Moi International Sports Centre. Standard 7 and 8 students may select Swimming Club. Our annual Swimming Day is held during Term 1.

Weekly lessons in conversational French are taught by experienced teachers. It is for all pupils in Standard 5 through 8 at no additional charge.

Students in Standards 1 – 8 will receive weekly computer instruction at no additional charge. The computer lab is equipped with 30 computers and one printer networked together.